• Demanding to Withdraw the Formation of the Supreme Constitutional Court

    Following what was spread in media channels since the beginning of last April regarding the formation of the Supreme Constitutional Court, a number of human rights organizations and civil society c...

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  • MUSAWA Publishes 19th issue of Eye on Justice

    MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession issues the 19th issue of Eye on Justice, which comprises of eighty four A4 pages. The publication incl...

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  • Latest Developments in the Judiciary

    On the day following the issuance of the presidential decree approving the resignation of Judge Sami Sarsour from office, Mr. Sami Sarsour visited MUSAWA to seek assistance in appealing the aforeme...

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  • MUSAWA Publishes 28th Issue of Justice and Law Magazine

    MUSAWA published issue no. (28) of Justice and Law magazine. The issue comprises of 358 pages that include four academically approved legal studies; seven comments on judgments pronounced by the Hi...

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Workshop: The Reality, Rights and Means to Protect Palestinian Defenders


Gaza & Rafah

Human Rights Defenders / Gaza

On the occasion of the international day of human rights and human rights defenders, MUSAWA organized a workshop on the reality of human rights defenders in Palestine in terms of their rights and the means available to protect them. The workshop was conducted in cooperation with the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders (PHRDs) Network, the National Society for Democracy and Law, and the Palestinian Youth Media Rally at the rally’s hall in Rafah. The workshop targeted a number of lawyers, media figures, journalists and others who are interested in the field. A total number of 23 people attended the workshop, including 9 female partici...


Consultation Round to Discuss MUSAWA's Monitory Publications


West Bank & Gaza

West Bank / Gaza

Given the importance of MUSAWA’s publications as tools for monitoring the performance of the justice sector, a special consultation round was organized and conducted on 14/12/2016, connecting the West Bank and Gaza through video conference, to discuss the 19th issue of Eye on Justice magazine and 27th issue of Justice and Law magazine. The session included a number of legal figures both from the West Bank and Gaza; members of the Public Prosecution and employees at the High Judicial Council. The overall purpose of the consultation round was to talk about the content of both publication...


#PHRD Ranks Number One on Social Media


West Bank & Gaza

Human Rights Defenders / West Bank / Gaza

On the occasion of the international day of human rights and human rights defenders, which falls on Saturday the 10th of December, MUSAWA and the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network launched a campaign on social media channels to “tweet” about human rights and the important role of the PHRDs Network. The all-day-long campaign included a number of PHRDs members in Palestine. In Gaza, the members gathered along with the social media club to jointly launch several “tweets” that promote the culture of human rights. The social media club’s Content ...



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