• MUSAWA Publishes Eye on Justice (21)

    MUSAWA announces the publication of issue no. (20) of Eye of Justice, which consists of 92 pages where MUSAWA documents the daily performance of the justice system, the complaints MUSAWA receives r...

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  • MUSAWA Launches Initiative to Unify, Rebuild, and Improve Justice System

    The announcement of the national reconciliation agreement is a historic opportunity to unify and rebuild the official justice system (the Supreme Constitutional Court, the formal judicial system, t...

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  • The 8th Palestine Justice Conference

    Wednesday 13-12-2017 – Ramallah and Gaza: MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, supported by Sawasya, the UNDP/UN Women/UNICEF Joint Progra...

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  • MUSAWA Publishes Issue no. (32) of Justice and Law Journal

    Translation in process.

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Call for collective action to demand dissolving the Supreme Security Committe...


West Bank and Gaza Strip

West Bank / Announcement / Core Program 2016-2019

Calling for Collective Action for Dissolving the Supreme Security Committee   MUSAWA learned from informed and knowledgeable sources that the Supreme Security Committee has not been dissolved yet, its detention center is still open and its staff continues to function normally despite the decision  announced by the Prime Minister last week to dissolve the Committee. All that has happened is merely changing the name of the Committee to become the "High Security Follow-up Committee".  



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