Legal Memos

Legal memos aim to draw the attention of Palestinian decision makers to violations of the law whilst highlighting the appropriate means available to enforce the law in the best possible manner in accordance with international criteria. These memos contribute effectively to MUSAWA's strategic goal to contribute to the upholding of the rule of law in the State of Palestine.


Below is an overview of most legal memos that were sent by MUSAWA. In addition the legal memos are published in our multi-annual magazine Eye on Justice, which can be found here.

CSOs Demand High Judicial Council to Realize the Judges’ Right to Freedom of ...

The Palestinian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) called an urgent meeting at Al-Haq organization to discuss the ongoing deterioration of the judiciary, particularly the latest developments manifested in the decision which was issued by the High Judicial Council to refer a member of the Supreme Court, Judge Izzat Al-Ramini, for investigation following his participation in a workshop about the popular protection of the judiciary. The High Judicial Council had referred Judge Abdullah Ghazlan, who is also a member of the Supreme Court, for investigation once for expressing his views on the worsening status of the judiciary, and describing ...


Position Paper on Draft Decree-Law Amending Anti-Corruption Law


West Bank and Gaza Strip

West Bank / Gaza / Core Program 2016-2019 / position paper

Having examined the Draft Decree-Law Amending the Anti-Corruption Law, referred by the Council of Ministers to the ministers in their session no. (189) which was held in Ramallah on 29/01/2018, we would like to clarify the following: the Anti-Corruption Law No. (1) of 2005 was issued in the form of Decree-Law No. (7) of 2010 on 20/06/2010, whose first article states that the name of the Law of Illegal Gains No. (1) of 2005 shall be changed into the Anti-Corruption Law No. (1) of 2005, which was preceded by the issuance of the Anti-Money Laundering Decree-Law No. (9) of 2007. We also note that the Decree-Law No. (18) for the year 2016 on ...


CSOs Back Up Bar Association on Boycotting High Criminal Court

The Civic Coalition for Monitoring Legislation, the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council, and the Coalition for Economic and Social Rights, all representatives of dozens of Palestinian Civil Society Organizations (hereinafter CSOs), convened at Al-Haq organization following the interim order pronounced by the High Court of Justice on 31/01/2018 to rescind the Palestinian Bar Council’s call for boycotting the High Criminal Court, issued on 29/01/2018; and the interim court order pronounced on 05/02/2018 to rescind the Bar Council’s decision for the second time.  



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