A Workshop on the Activities of the Legal Clinic




As part of its legal clinic program, MUSAWA held a workshop in cooperation with the Lawyers for the Rule of Law Groups (Friends of MUSAWA) and the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders’ Network (PHRDs) about the nature of the activities of the legal clinic. Believing in the vitality of networking with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the workshop was held at the Youth Development Association in the city of Jabalia, north of the city of Gaza. A total of 15 participants attended the workshop, including 12 women.

The workshop came as a continuation of the legal aid program MUSAWA implements at various levels. MUSAWA believes in the need to spread the legal culture and the culture of human rights among the Palestinian society, especially in marginalized areas, and to contribute to enhancing the legal awareness of the community in order to enable the community groups to identify their rights and the legal mechanisms available for them to protect these rights.

The workshop was facilitated by MUSAWA’s Legal Training and Awareness Officer, Adv. Momen Al-Hattab, and a member of the Lawyers for the Rule of Law Groups, Adv. Hala Hasanein.

The workshop aimed mainly at informing the target group about the nature of work MUSAWA performs as part of its oversight role to enhance and support the rule of law in Palestine, with a special focus on the contribution of the legal clinic as a legal unit that aims at raising awareness among marginalized groups, eventually leading to a comprehensive justice system.

At the end of the workshop, the participants gave recommendations to expand MUSAWA’s work to include as many associations as possible in different governorates so as to reach the largest number possible of citizens. This is in addition to demanding the official bodies to meet their obligations in delivering services for the public, such as creating public parks and sports clubs and supporting local councils. To conclude, the facilitators gave space for the attendees to ask questions and gave them legal advice in return.

This workshop comes as part of the mobile legal clinic program, executed by MUSAWA both in the West Bank and Gaza.



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