Continuous Repression is No Way to Face Trump's Scheme

Position Paper:
The Continuous Repression by the Police is No Way to Face Trump’s Scheme

MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession reiterates demands to refer the perpetrators of the repression of the peaceful assembly/demonstration yesterday in the city of Nablus for trial. The demonstration was repressed using the same tools and methods which were used in suppressing the two peaceful demonstrations in Ramallah and Gaza. We demand that the perpetrators as well as their accomplices be held accountable for their actions, and that this be announced to the public. They shall also express regret to the citizens once more for continuing to suppress their rights and freedoms, and for deploying security agents and others in civilian clothing to harass the citizens in a failed attempt to deprive them of their right to express their views and be involved in public life, as explicitly stipulated in Article (9) and Article (26) of the Basic Law; the International Bill of Rights, particularly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the binding International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; and the UN resolution on the international protection of our people, which stresses the vitality of realizing the right to peaceful assembly and the freedom of expression at the international level.

MUSAWA reiterates the seriousness of the attack on Palestinian women and women working in the media. Examples of such incidents include the journalists Lara Kanaan and Majdouline Hassouneh. This is not to mention the serious consequences and implications of assaulting the women participating in the peaceful assembly in Ramallah. In light of these events, MUSAWSA affirms that peaceful demonstrations and the freedom of expression are fundamental rights and not a favor given by anyone.

MUSAWA expresses its shock at the repeated scenes of repression under the watch of duty-bearers and decision-makers, who did not move a finger to hold the perpetrators accountable in accordance with the Basic Law and the relevant international covenants.  MUSAWA reaffirms the need for an immediate cessation of oppression and enslavement of citizens, who are being deprived of their constitutional and democratic rights. Furthermore, MUSAWA draws the attention of those concerned, especially the decision-makers, to the fact that the security solution and police repression have failed and are still failing to bring stability to the region and to contribute to the protection of the national project. To the contrary, they are certainly an impediment to the overall national confrontation of Trump's plans, which require an alternative approach.

MUSAWA reiterates its call for an immediate apology to the citizens, and to refer the perpetrators of the assault to trial, including the dismissal of those responsible for the assault and seeking a fair remedy for all those affected by the attacks financially and morally. MUSAWA calls on the decision makers to preserve the dignity of citizens and to take the necessary measures, decisions, instructions, undertakings and commitments to ensure that such attacks are not repeated in the future.

Issued on 01/07/2018



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