Demand to protect the participants in demonstrations and to maintain civil peace

Urgent Press Release




Raising Demands to Take Part in Today’s Peaceful Demonstration “Lift the Sanctions against Gaza”


Civil Society Organizations demand protection for demonstrators and maintaining civil peace


Wednesday 13/06/2018 - The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and their affiliates met urgently at the Independent Commission for Human Rights to discuss the statement circulated today at dawn by the governorates affairs’ Adviser to the President, prohibiting the organization of peaceful assemblies, as well as the declarations and posts published on social media channels directly threatening those who organized the movement as well as those who took part in it. The meeting also looked into the consequent repercussions on the citizens’ rights to the freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, personal security, and maintaining community peace.


In light of what has been mentioned above, the CSOs and their affiliates affirm the following:


1- The right of citizens to peaceful assembly and to the freedom of expression is guaranteed by the Palestinian Basic Law and the international human rights standards to which the State of Palestine has acceded without reservations.


2- The aforementioned circular is illegal and unconstitutional, and it violates the right of citizens to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. We refuse the policy of mouth muzzling and therefore we demand that the circular be abolished immediately.


3- We call for expanding participation in this peaceful movement demanding the lifting of sanctions against the Gaza Strip. We also call for a speedy end of the current political division and the achievement of Palestinian reconciliation to spare the citizens more injustice and suffering.


4- The safety of the demonstrators is the responsibility of the Palestinian government, especially the Palestinian police. This is especially important in light of the explicit threats and assaults against the demonstrators and the attempts to sabotage their movement.


Accordingly, the CSOs and their partners call on Dr. Rami Hamdallah, the Palestinian Prime Minister, in his capacity as Minister of Interior, and the Palestinian Police to provide the necessary protection for the demonstrators, ensuring their right to exercise the freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.


The Palestinian Human Rights Council
The Coalition for Integrity and Accountability – AMAN
The Palestinian NGOs’ Network (PNGO)
The Palestinian Coalition for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights – ADALAH



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