Harassment Against Doctor in Violation of His Rights and Human Dignity


Khan Yunis

Gaza / Core Program 2016-2019

His Excellency the Undersecretary of the state at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Yousuf Abu Al-Reesh,


His Excellency the President of the Medical Association, Dr. Fadel Na’eem,


Subject: Harassment against Doctor in Violation of His Rights and Human Dignity


MUSAWA- The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession extends its warmest greetings to your Excellency.


Dr. ……., who has been working at the Medical Institute for Road Safety in Khanyounes for 8 years, has filed a complaint with MUSAWA, stating that he constantly faces harassment from a number of employees at the institute, and that he no longer feels respected by any of them, which all resulted from a personal issue with one of the managers. The complainant added that he works hard to meet all his job duties, despite the harassments he is subjected to, and despite the medical and professional powers he was deprived of, noting that the institute’s administration has decided for him to spend his working hours at the basement.  


The complaint, if true, entails a serious violation of the complainant’s employment rights and his human dignity, which negatively affects the doctors’ performance; thus affecting the citizens’ enjoyment of the needed medical service, and shakes confidence among doctors and medical serve-receivers. MUSAWA calls you to consider our memo, address it by taking the needed legal and administrative action against the harassers, hold them accountable by law, and ensure the complainant’s employment and human rights. Hoping that you keep us updated with the actions taken by your side.


With All Due Respect,


Issued on 3/5/2019




A copy of the complaint







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