Legal Profession is a Liberal Profession that Carries a Societal Vision


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Legal Profession is a Liberal Profession that Carries a Societal Vision


The Honorable President and Members of the Bar Council/ Gaza,


MUSAWA- The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession extends its warmest greetings to your Excellency, noting that MUSAWA emphasizes that the legal profession is time-honored, as glorious as virtue, as important as justice, and a profession of noble persons, who are rich with knowledge, exalted with no titles, and happy with no financial wealth. Stressing that the legal profession is liberal and carries a societal vision.


Further to the announcement of Gaza’s Chamber of commerce and industry- Attached, which includes an invitation for lawyers to present price quotations in order to choose one of them as the chamber’s legal consultant, and further to the official institutions’ and municipalities’ habit to consider the legal profession merely a craft, that needs a license outside the scope of the Palestinian Bar Association’s law; and according to the nature of the legal profession, which presents one of the justice system’s cornerstones, pursuant to the constitutional principle governing the legal profession’s role and vision, and as the chamber of commerce and industry’s announcement and the descriptors issued by municipalities and other official institutions violate and affect the status of the legal profession and the immunity of lawyers in performing the duties of their positions, MUSAWA, as an independent and non-governmental watchdog organization, asks you to identify the announcement and descriptors within carefully, and to take the needed legal action in their regard, including demanding the bodies that issued them to get them canceled or reversed, and to adhere to the process of law adopted in communicating with lawyers and the Bar Association.


As we express our willingness to work jointly with your esteemed Association to achieve this goal, as it is a national and professional goal that must be protected from any violation or arbitrariness,  whatever its source, we are hoping that you keep us updated with the action taken by you in this regard duly. 


With All Due Respect


Issued on 11/2/2018



Attachments: - A copy of the announcement of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 



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