Memo: The Police's Monopoly and Hegemony Manifest a Security System Inconsistent with the Basic Law



Gaza / Core Program 2016-2019

Legal memo to: 
His Excellency Attorney General of Gaza, Adviser Diaa’ Al-Din Madhoun

Complaint from: 

“The Police’s Monopoly and Hegemony Manifest a Security System Inconsistent with the Basic Law and the Rule of Law”

Memo date: 

Brief description:
The complainant claims that on 19/02/2018 he was surprised by a group of police officers who arrested him without warning at 6:00 AM. He was taken from his house in front of his neighbors and everyone who passed by his house at that time, and he was not made aware of the reason behind his arrest. When he tried to get an answer to his question from the police officer in charge, he replied, “I only act upon the commands given to me, and I have been instructed with orders from above to execute the arrest before 7:00 AM”. According to the complainant, his son was detained by the police for two hours in order to make sure that the complainant will turn himself in.

MUSAWA sees this action is beyond the police’s jurisdiction, and it puts the basic rights and freedoms stipulated in the Basic Law and the ratified international treaties.

MUSAWA’s intervention:
In its memo to the Attorney General/ Gaza, MUSAWA demands that the necessary legal action be taken by holding the police officers accountable, and realizing the rights of the complainant and his son.



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