MUSAWA Calls the Administration of Hebron University to Cancel its Decision on Expelling 7 of its Students



West Bank / Core Program 2016-2019

MUSAWA Calls the Administration of Hebron University to Cancel its Decision on Expelling Seven of its Students


MUSAWA- The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the legal Profession asserts that the right to freedom of expression is a sacred constitutional right, as it is guaranteed by the provisions of the Basic Law. Thus, it is morally restrained to prevent it from being used as a tool for humiliating human dignity. The restraint cannot, under any circumstances, be considered as a criminal crime that requires punishment. Therefore, MUSAWA believes that the decision of Hebron University to expel seven of its students for their comments on a post published on the Facebook page of the administration department is an unjustified punishment that breaches administrate proceedings that must have been followed by the university to identify the point of the mentioned comments, their reasons and their desired impact.


The format of the Facebook post itself does not reflect any academic seriousness or an invitation to register in the university, thus, MUSAWA calls the university administration to cancel its decision and to pursue dialogue and implement the confidence-building measures aimed at improving relations between the university and its students, in a way that guarantees the Palestinian students’ right to education. 


Issued on 12/6/2019




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