MUSAWA Condemns the Prosecution of Lawyer Momen Natour and Human Rights Activists in Gaza

MUSAWA Condemns the Prosecution of Lawyer Momen Natour and Human Rights Activists in Gaza


MUSAWA- the Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession expresses its anger and condemnation of invading Adv. Momen Natour’s house, member of the Lawyers for the Rule of Law groups (Friends of MUSAWA) and the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network, intimidating his family members, including children, by members of the Palestinian Security Services in Gaza, who verbally abused the house residents, smashed their house furniture, confiscated their cell-phones and threatened them of mass arrest if Adv. Momen did not turn himself in. MUSAWA recalls Adv. Momen’s assertion that his participation in the people’s movement is not for political causes but a peaceful expression of the citizens’ rights, especially the youth’s, against the circumstances of poverty, unemployment and hunger, and their commitment to freedom, dignity, justice, decent living, job creation, and combating corruption and nepotism. We call upon the Attorney General, the police’ general inspector, the head of the judiciary prosecution and the Ministry of interior affairs in Gaza to take the needed action to guarantee Adv. Momen’s physical safety, constitutional rights and safe conduct of his family, and to cancel all the unlawful proceedings taken in his regard.  


MUSAWA views with concern and condemnation of the security bodies’ predation and aggression against peaceful citizens, their invasion of safe houses, and their attacks against women, children and youth, which all resulted in the death of one citizen and injury of hundred, including journalists and the manager of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, in addition to the arrest campaign carried against tens of students, journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders, including colleagues from Al-Mizan Center, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and Addameer organization, who were asking for decent livings, dignity, justice and freedom or supporting the right of people to claim these rights.  


The attempt to mark the movement with political markings and to justify the repressive practices carried against the calls of the Gazan community that is beset by hunger, poverty, and unemployment, is a dangerous approach that threatens the community’s unity, safety, and national objectives. Thus, these attempts must be stopped immediately, and the repressors, their supporters, and puppeteers must be held accountable. MUSAWA also demands offering a formal apology to the Palestinian people and a promise never to adopt the approach of arbitrariness and authoritarianism again, as there is no room for the repressive security approach, and the silent treatment towards it is not acceptable under whatever pretext.


Issued on 16/3/2019






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