MUSAWA Conducts a Discussion Session on MUSAWA's latest publication: Eye on Justice & Justice and Law



West Bank / Gaza / Core Program 2016-2019

MUSAWA Conducts a Discussion Session on its latest publications: Justice and Law & Eye on Justice


MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession held a discussion session, on October 10, 2018, to discuss MUSAWA’s latest periodic publications, “Eye on Justice” and “Justice and Law.” The session was held in MUSAWA’s offices in the West Bank and Gaza via video conference, in the presence of 41 participants, including 12 women, of lawyers, legal specialists and MUSAWA’s audience and readers of its publications in Gaza and Ramallah.


The session was initiated by the Legal Monitoring Officer, Adv. Rula Moussa, followed by a welcome note from Adv. Youssef Bakhtan, Treasurer of MUSAWA’s Board of Directors. Then, the Legal Monitoring Officer, Adv. Angham Mansour, gave a simple presentation of the publications and talked about the most prominent contents of MUSAWA’s two latest publications.


Afterward, the floor was open for the audience’s discussion on the publications in general, and their contents in particular, where MUSAWA’s Director General, Adv. Ibrahim al-Barghouthi responded to all raised questions. Proceeding from MUSAWA’s interest in taking the opinions of its audience before taking any action regarding the publications, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Ruba Bakeer, posed a surveying question, previously posted on MUSAWA’s Facebook page, on updating the policy of publication where the publications are made available only on MUSAWA’s website, and paper printing is being stopped.


In the end, the Legal Monitoring Officer, Adv. Angham Mansour, presented the main suggestions made during the session, which will be taken into consideration when preparing future publications.


MUSAWA’s responses to the posed questions assured the participants that it is based on the principles of neutrality and independence and that the personal approaches of its management do not affect the paramount vision of MUSAWA. The responses also affirmed that MUSAWA would be honored to publish the research studies of the specialized lawyers in its audience, regardless of their political affiliation, provided that the researchers are jurists in the legal argument on which they base their views. In response to some questions about MUSAWA’s focus on the legal shortcomings of the concerned authorities, MUSAWA’s management expressed its view on what calls for the movement of the human rights organizations, namely the violations of the law, and that the instances of implementing the law are what should be, in normal situations, a habit that does not require appreciation from MUSAWA or the community, as it is a right, not a favor.



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