MUSAWA Conducts a Training Workshop on the Fair Trial Guarantees for Juvenile Offenders


Gaza Strip

Gaza / Core Program 2016-2019

MUSAWA Conducts a Training Workshop on the Fair Trial Guarantees for Juvenile Offenders


On Sunday, October 14, 2018, MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, conducted an awareness raising workshop on “Fair Trial Guarantees for Delinquent Juvenile”, in cooperation with Al-Nahda Model School in Beit Lahya, North Gaza Governorate.


The workshop was facilitated by Adv. Safa’ Abu Jabbah, member of the Human Rights Defenders Network. It tackled the definition of a fair trial, and the basis and nature of the right to a fair trial, in addition to clarifying the meaning of the term “Juvenile”, the age of the juvenile, and what it entails. The workshop also discussed the criminal responsibility of the juvenile, the causes of juvenile delinquency, the responsibility of the juvenile and the correction of juvenile delinquency, in addition to discussing the legal rule on the lack of competence of children in the presence of adult partners, which means the juvenile is only brought before the Juvenile Court even if they had adult partners in the crime.


The workshop comes as part of the legal clinic program, which MUSAWA conducts in the West Bank and Gaza Strip throughout the year, aiming at raising the legal awareness of the marginalized groups in the Palestinian community. The workshop was attended by 46 participants, including 10 women, 3 men, and the rest were children. At the end of the workshop, the floor was open for discussion and legal advice.


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