MUSAWA Continues to Call Duty Bearers for Assuming Responsibility for Reforming the Justice System In Accordance With Its Vision



West Bank / Core Program 2016-2019


MUSAWA Continues to Call Duty Bearers for Assuming Responsibility for Reforming the Justice System in Accordance with MUSAWA’s Vision


During its meeting with Mr. Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Ishtayya on 2/6/2019, MUSAWA’s delegation declared that the crises of the Justice System is a structural one that is not related to law itself, and affirmed that any amendments on the Judicial Authority’s Act shall ensure resolving this crisis by reforming the justice system according to professional assessment methods chosen by community participation to ensure a serious and major reform, apart from any domination exercised by the executive authority.


In the same context, MUSAWA’s delegation handed Dr. Ishtayya a copy of its Initiative for the Unification, Reform, and Improvement of the Justice System, which was launched earlier last year, and reminded him of a memo published by the center in late 2017, which was sent back then to the officials’ of the justice system in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


In his capacity as a prime minister, the delegation urged him to resolve the Joint Security Committee once and for all and to endorse the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Declaration, which was already discussed with the Minister of Justice during earlier meetings.


MUSAWA’s meeting with the Prime Minister received wide media coverage, as it was aired on both Palestine channel and Maan News Agency’s channel, and was reported by the official websites of the government and the prime ministry, in addition to other national newspapers.


It is worth mentioning that on 9/5/2019, MUSAWA met the Minister of Justice, Dr. Mohammad Shalaldeh, to discuss the status of the Justice System, and MUSAWA’s vision to overcome its crises, in addition to discussing the need to adopt a declaration that guarantees the rights of the Palestinian human rights defenders, and the means for cooperation between the two bodies in promotion of the principles of separation between powers, the rule of law, and human rights, in adherence to the international covenants signed by Palestine


During the previous period, MUSAWA has met the Attorney General, Adv. Akram Al-Khatib, to discuss the means for cooperation between the two bodies on a professional and independent basis that preserves MUSAWA’s right to monitor the justice system and thus contribute to developing and reforming it.


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