MUSAWA Endorses Participation in Community Activities to Stop the Implementation of the Decree-Law on Social Security

MUSAWA Endorses Participation in Community Activities to Stop the Implementation of the Decree-Law on Social Security


In the course of its follow-up on the events and dialogues on the implementation of the Decree-Law on Social Security during next November, MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession reaffirms the following:


  1. All workers are entitled to use all legal and legitimate tools, including peaceful demonstrations, against the implementation of the decree-law, because all citizens have the right to defend their human dignity and the requirements of their economic and social security.
  2. It is necessary to stop the implementation of this decree-law and to re-put it back for community-dialogue to overcome the gaps and risks that it contains; so that it does not transform from a tool for security into a tool for destruction.
  3. Social Security that is not insured and is not responsive to the real needs of citizens, and that exposes their efforts to be lost, do not comply with the minimum social security guarantees.

MUSAWA points out some of the provisions of the decree-law, which continue to be the subject of deep social controversy:


  1. Among the controversial issues that lack national consensus is that the decree-law calculates the pension salary based on the average wage of the last three years instead of the average of total salaries.
  2. The decree-law lacks just treatment for the workers who have loans, ignoring the fact that the vast majority of them rely on bank loans.
  3. The decree-law deprives the mother, father and widow/widower of their inheritance rights, legally and licitly merited to them by the death of their intestate person, in their share from the pension salary of the deceased worker in case they have another source of income, or they were employed.
  4. The lack of clarity in the rights of spouses to receive their pensions according to the provisions of the decree-law.
  5. The subjection of persons over the age of 65 to the provisions of the decree-law, despite determining the time limit for pension entitlement.
  6. The decree-law deprives the heirs of persons who do not fulfill the contribution rates and duration of their intestate person’s rights with the money if they were employed, or if they had other sources of income.
  7. The lack of clarity regarding the government’s guarantee of the fund, especially in light of the deterioration of trust in the official performance.
  8. The contribution rates are different from those in the Social Security legislation in force in neighboring Arab countries.


Let us actively participate in the peaceful community marches and events that reject the implementation of the Decree-Law on Social Security and demand to re-put it back for community dialogue.


Issued on 09/10/2018.


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