MUSAWA Organizes a Moot Court Competition on the Shariah Judiciary in Gaza


Gaza Strip

Gaza / Core Program 2016-2019


MUSAWA Organizes a Moot Court Competition on the Sharia Judiciary in Gaza


The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the judiciary and the legal profession –MUSAWA- organized, in cooperation with the Law Faculty at Gaza University and the Sharia Bar association, a moot court competition on the sharia court verdicts in Gaza. The competition took the shape of a realistic practical moot court that simulates the sharia judiciary in Gaza, and it targeted a group of newly licensed lawyers, with an audience of 60 law students of Gaza University, 20 among them were women.


Two teams were formed, one of them dealt with an alimony case, whereas the other team dealt with a separation on discord and strife case. Prior to the opening of the moot court session, the Legal Awareness and Training officer at MUSAWA, Adv. Momen AlHattab, welcomed the audience, the members of the jury and the two teams, and thanks the administration of the law faculty for hosting them to implement the activity in the moot court hall at the university, and reaffirmed  the importance of the moot court and the legal clinics programs implemented by MUSAWA to develop the lawyers and the law student’s legal skills and to increase their social legal awareness and introduce them to the citizens’ rights, especially the marginalized groups’ rights, and the available legal ways to guarantee these rights, which is a part of MUSAWA’s efforts to ensure that all citizens enjoy their constitutional rights, including the right to equality before the law without discrimination, and the right to access to justice, and the right to enjoy the safeguards of fair trial.


Right after, Dr. Seif AlDein Albalaawi, the dean of the Law Faculty in the university, and Dr. Ahmad Bdeir, the head of the Sharia Bar Association, gave speeches in which they thanked MUSAWA for its efforts to build the law students’ practical and theoretical capacities, and for its cooperative activities with the association and for implementing the moot court training workshop. 


It is worth mentioning that MUSAWA started implementing the moot court training program during September in cooperation with the Sharia Bar Association. The training hours were 12 consecutive hours, divided on three full days of practice, which included theoretical and practical training on the sharia courts procedures, such as the definition of the suit and the defenses, and the workflow of the procedures of the sharia courts, and the kinds of women suits and an explanation of the mechanism of the alimony case,  and the case of separation on discord and strife, which are the most common cases in the sharia courts in Palestine, and the procedures of arbitration and judgment of such cases and the, in addition, work groups were formed to write and prepare the pleadings, and the teams were given samples of an alimony case of a wife against her husband, and other samples of a separation on discord and strife case.


After concluding the training session, the alimony and the separation on discord and strife, which both are real cases that were considered by the sharia courts in Gaza, were chosen to be presented before an audience of the law students in Gaza University to share knowledge and to empower MUSAWA’s relationship with the university, and finally to build the legal capacities of the two teams. The training material was lectured by Adv. Ahmad Bdeir, and Adv. Sharif AbuSaad, as they are legal arbitrators in sharia cases, the training took place at the Sharia Bar Association’s hall, MUSAWA’s headquarters in Gaza, and the moot court hall in Gaza University.


A judgment jury supervised the persecution session implemented by the two teams, and it was composed of Dr. Seif AlDeen AlBalaawi, the law faculty dean in Gaza University, Professor Ahmad AlTarshawi, an academic teacher. The jury announced at the end of the competition, the winning of the team who dealt with the separation on discord and strife case, which was granted an honorary recognition plaque from MUSAWA.






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