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MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession published issue no. 29 of Justice and Law magazine, which is an academically-assessed magazine that publishes legal studies and research aimed at identifying the weaknesses in existing Palestinian legislation or administrative policies in order to induce decision-makers to enact legislative amendments and rectify administrative imbalances. The magazine also contains comments on the final rulings issued by the Palestinian courts.

The publication, consisting of 259 medium-sized pages, includes three academically-approved legal studies: the relation between punishment and disciplinary offence and the supervision of the administrative judiciary; tax exemptions for social purposes in accordance with the Palestinian Income Tax Law; the disassociation contract and its applications in the Palestinian legislation. The publication also includes two comments on a penal judgment issued by the Court of Cassation dealing with the legal value of video footage as an evidence; four comments on a constitutional appeal issued by the Supreme Constitutional Court, the subject of which is to challenge the unconstitutionality of Article 10/a of the Lawyers' Training Law No. 1 of 2004; three comments on a judgment pronounced by the Court of Appeal in an executive case, answering the question: Is a settlement of the payment of the amount executed between the creditor and the debtor an eviction of the sponsor, or not? In addition to five comments on two explanatory decisions issued by the Supreme Constitutional Court: (1) if a lawyer becomes a judge for a certain period of time, does this period count as part of his/her legal practice as a lawyer, or not? (2) Qualifications of employment at the Legislative Council and the limits of its mandate. Furthermore, the Issue contains a special section for legal dialogues, announcing MUSAWA’s vision on the recent Draft Decree-Law Amending the Supreme Constitutional Court Law, in addition to the memo of the Civic Coalition for Monitoring the Legislative Process regarding the Draft Decree-Law on the High Criminal Court.

Those who are interested can get a hard copy of the publication from MUSAWA’s offices is Ramallah or Gaza. For a soft copy, click here.



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