Position Paper: Perpetrators of Torturing Children in Gaza must not Escape Punishment

 Child abusers in Gaza must not escape punishment

After acknowledging the details, the different stories, claims and justifications for the child torture incident in Gaza’s mosques, which happened before and affected many children; and regardless of any political or factional considerations; and with a view to save the citizen’s and child’s civil laws; and to stand against the impunity of criminals, who commit crimes that fall under the accountability and impunity umbrella; and to embody the state of the law concept on ground; and to represent the human values; and invoked to the basic law and the international covenants that outlaw torture and considers it a crime against human dignity, which is not subject to a statute of limitations; and building on the fact that the human dignity degrading torture cannot be justified under any circumstances or considerations, and that the committers of this crime should be held accountable whether they are civilians or officials, and as the child torture crime represents a barbaric behavior that humanity surpassed in the dark ages, in the time that churches were turning worship places into torture vaults; and to stop the worship places in Palestine from being turned into torturing chambers that degrades the human dignity and affect the citizen’s and child’s both the psychological and physical health, the Coalition for the Protection of Child Dignity neutrally, impartially and independently calls all of the official bodies and decision makers for referring the abusers in the two incidents and any other person convicted of committing or participating or inciting the crime to court to be sued duly; and to hold any person who found involved or proven convicted accountable; and to order the official bodies and official personnel the immediate cessation of any similar behaviors, including waiving the immunity regardless of any considerations, as such behaviors represent a violation of the law; and to declare the investigation and the trial’s outcomes; and to ensure the serious accountability of the convicted and the victims’ rights; as well as to stop such incidents from turning into a phenomenon that threatens the civil peace in a way that could lead the society to lose their trust in the public official, to break down the society’s fabric of unity, and to lose the  security of the nation and citizens; noting that the crime of torture is listed under the humiliating and degrading crimes umbrella, which are considered –according to Rome Statute and the  International Criminal Court’s code of conduct- a war crime which make them internationally accountable what should negatively affect the international reputation and the status of the Palestinian nation at a time we need the international support for our nation’s political, national and human rights the most.


Having stated the above, we express our censure for the illegal slowdown that characterizes the proceedings of the two child torturing incidents, which took place in the basements of two mosques in Khan Younus and Hayy-AlToffah to the east of Gaza, and committed by individuals dressed in civilian clothing, who are allegedly connected to some security authorities that consider themselves above the law, what makes the act of turning mosques into torturing chambers another violation of the provisions of the law; and it can help the perpetrators escape the punishment, and even give them an unjustified, irresponsible and a questionable protection; we ask the relevant official  authorities to accelerate the proceedings of taking the legal provision in this regard; and to announce the trial’s and the investigation’s outcomes; and to outline the administrative proceedings in this regard; in order to stop such crimes from happening again in the future; and to take into consideration that these proceedings will be officially bound to the citizen’s rights, including the rights of the detained convicted; according to what is provided for in the Palestinian Basic law, the criminal provisions law, the International Compact on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Protocol  for Prohibiting Torture, and the Child Act, and the International Agreement for Child’s Rights 1920. 


Issued on 3/9/2018

The Coalition for the Protection of Child Dignity
-    Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children
-    Rural Women’s Development Society
-    AISHA Association for Woman and Child Protection
-    the Culture & Free Thought Association
-    Kun Insan Group
-    Family Development Association

In addition, 98 of eminent persons.





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