The Publication of Juvenile's Pictures and Information is a Coarse Violation of Human Dignity and an Offence Punishable By Law


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The Publication of Juvenile's Pictures and Information is a Coarse Violation of Human Dignity and an Offence Punishable by Law


The Coalition for the Protection of Child Dignity expresses its dissatisfaction with what has been circulated through the press, media, and social networking sites, of publishing the picture of the juvenile accused of killing the elderly, Abu Mattar, and the subsequent announcement of information about his personal life and family; since the case is still under preliminary investigation, regardless of the motives for committing the crime, and since the legally responsible authorities did not disclose the details of the incident and the investigation results, which is [the publication of information] contrary to Article (9) of the Decree-Law No. (4) of 2016 on the Protection of Juveniles, which states that:

“Juvenile files are confidential. It is prohibited to publish them or to allow anyone to view them other than the juvenile’s lawyer, guardian or child protection counselor, without a special permission from the court or the Juvenile Prosecution, if the file is under investigation. 2. It is prohibited to publish the name and picture of the juvenile or any information that indicates his/her personality or to publish the proceedings of the investigation and trial, or a summary of them, in any means of publication. The court may permit the publication of the final verdict, provided that it only mentions the initials of the juvenile’s name, surname or nickname).

The Coalition demands the Journalists Syndicate, the Attorney General and all decision makers to examine this violation and subject those responsible of publishing to investigation and accountability, in accordance with legal principles, and in conformity with the guarantees of fair trial for delinquent children and the protection of human feelings of childhood, and with warding off the wrong societal abuse of the accused.


Issued on 15/10/2018


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