Urgent Demand to Apologize to Citizens and Hold the Perpetrators Accountable


West Bank & Gaza

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Position Paper:  Urgent Demand to Apologize to Citizens and Hold the Perpetrators Accountable   MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession express their deep concern and shock at the passiveness of decision makers regarding the severe assault against the citizens participating in the peaceful demonstration held on 13/06/2018 in Ramallah to express their opinion on an issue which concerns the general public. The assault invol...


MUSAWA's Statement on the Suppression of a Peaceful Demonstration in Gaza

MUSAWA’s Statement on Suppressing Peaceful Demonstration in Gaza MUSAWA expresses its shock at the recurring suppression of peaceful movements -by security forces and people in civilian clothing, as what happened in Ramallah last week- against citizens who were fed up with the division and its repercussions, leading them to arrange a peaceful demonstration in Gaza today to express, only to be suppressed and to have their basic right to express their opinion violated. They went out in rejection of any attempt to deprive them of their right to citizenship and a de...



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