In its efforts to spread the culture of human rights in marginalized regions and communities (with specific focus on the right to a fair trial, access to justice, and equality before the law and the judiciary), MUSAWA conducts workshops throughout the year to raise legal awareness, enable community groups to defend their rights and help them realize the legal tools and mechanisms available to protect these rights. Below is an overview of MUSAWA's workshops.

The Rights of Marriage


Khan Yunis

Human Rights Defenders / Gaza

His Excellency Head of the Palestinian Land Authority Mr. Saeb Nathi   Subject: Administrative decision to cease property contrary to the law   MUSAWA received a written complaint from the citizen Iyad Mohammad Ata Siddeh, a resident of the village of Jeet in Qalqilya, stating that he purchased a piece of land, located in the aforementioned village, registered at Qalqilya’s ...


The Right to a Safe Environment, Free from the Remnants of Occupation

Tubas’s Tayaseer Seconday School for Boys hosted a number of members from the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network to raise awareness among students regarding their right to a safe environment, free from the remnants of occupation. The workshop was organized by MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Legal and Judiciary Profession, in cooperation with Tayaseer Seconday School for Boys and the Palestinian Police in Tubas, targeting 25 students.



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