Legal Memos

Legal memos aim to draw the attention of Palestinian decision makers to violations of the law whilst highlighting the appropriate means available to enforce the law in the best possible manner in accordance with international criteria. These memos contribute effectively to MUSAWA's strategic goal to contribute to the upholding of the rule of law in the State of Palestine.


Below is an overview of most legal memos that were sent by MUSAWA. In addition the legal memos are published in our multi-annual magazine Eye on Justice, which can be found here.

MUSAWA Demends the Cancellation of the Decree-law Amending the Associations Act


West Bank

West Bank / Core Program / position paper

      There is no dignity under Despotism and Hegemony; there is no Substitute to Protecting Human Rights. Let the Decree-Law Amending the Associations Act Be Annulled Once again and under cover of darkness, yesterday 3/2/2021, a Decree-Law No. 7 of 2021 amending Law No. (1) of 2000 regarding charities and civil organizat...


Memo to The Central Elections Committee on the Right of the Independent Candi...


West Bank and Gaza

West Bank / Gaza / Announcement / Core Program / position paper

  Respected Ladies and gentlemen, Director and members of the Central Elections Committee,   Subject: The right of an independent candidate to compete for the position of president   The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession sends you its best regards, expressing to you that after it became aware of Decree Law No. (1) of 2021 to amen...


CSOs call for the Abolition of All Decrees regarding Judicial Legislation an...


West Bank and Gaza

West Bank / Gaza / Announcement / Core Program / position paper

CSOs Call For The Nullification Of All Legal Decisions And Decrees Related to Judicial Affairs and The Termination of Their Effects   Date: 16/01/20121    On Thursday, January 14, 2021, CSOs held an emergency meeting to discuss the implications and developments of the judicial affairs; especially the issuance of recent decree-laws related to the judicial legislation and the serious violation they rep...



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