MUSAWA Meets with a Government Committee Set up by the Prime Minister to Discuss the Report on Transitional Justice in Palestine


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MUSAWA meets with a governmental committee formed by the prime minister to discuss the report on transitional justice in Palestine

A delegation from The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession - MUSAWA, met with the governmental committee formed by a decision of the Prime Minister, Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh, to discuss with " MUSAWA" the report on transitional justice in Palestine: the vision of CSOs on integrating transitional justice mechanisms into the reconciliation process. The governmental committee included Mr. Ahmed Azm - Head of the Strategic Affairs Unit in the Prime Minister's Office, and H.E. Dr. Muhammad Shalaldeh - Minister of Justice. The meeting was held in the Office of the Minister of Justice on Thursday, 12/31/2020, with the participation of Professor Mamoun Al-Atili, representing the SAWASYA II program.

The meeting researched and exchanged views on the importance of integrating the principles and mechanisms of transitional justice into the reconciliation process, including the prosecution and accountability of perpetrators of human rights violations during and because of the division, compensation for victims of division, audit, job examination and institutional reform as requirements to ensure reconciliation achieves its goals, promote civil peace, societal stability, justice for victims, and secure a broad community participation in building the present and future of Palestine, overcoming division and its repercussions, and ensuring that it does not fall into its clutches later.

During the meeting, government representatives promised to present the report to the Council of Ministers and to submit a report to the Prime Minister on the recommendations and conclusions of the report, including the need to prepare a national strategy that meets the implementation of transitional justice mechanisms in the reconciliation process and rebuilding the Palestinian political system.

The MUSAWA delegation expressed its hope that the election results would bring to power a committed Palestinian leadership working to integrate the transitional justice mechanisms proposed by the report.


To view the report, visit this link.


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