A memo to the Central Elections Commission on a suspicion of violating the electoral process regulations and other related matters


West Bank and Gaza

West Bank / Gaza / Announcement / Core Program / position paper

Esteemed Chairman and members of the Central Election Commission, Subject: Abiding by the rules and dates of election campaign On 4/5/2021, MUSAWA Center received a poster that was distributed and circulated on social media, bearing the slogan "Jerusalem First Camp 12". The poster subject of matter includes what it called a reception for the blessed month of Ramadan, holding cultural workshops, maintaining cemeteries, restoring Jerusalem homes and...


Success Story: Official Gazette Publishes A Notice on Protecting the Right of the Independent Candidates to Run for the Presidential Elections


West Bank and Gaza

West Bank / Gaza / Announcement / Core Program / position paper

Success Story Upon MUSAWA's Intervention:  The Official Gazette Publishes a Notice Regarding The Protection of The Right Of An Independent Candidate to Run for The Presidency The fifth paragraph of Article (39) of Decree-Law No. (1) of 2007 regarding elections states that: “A copy of the electoral program, a colored electronic copy of the electoral slogan and symbol, a certificate of good conduct, and a letter from the representative of the list or party if he/she is a candidate for &n...


Success Stories: Granting the Right to a Passport and the Right of an Affected Citizen to See the Investigation Results of the Nuseirat Market Fire



Gaza / Core Program / position paper

  Success Story Upon MUSAWA's Interventions: Issuing A Passport for A Citizen and Allowing the Affected People to Have Access to The Investigation File on The Nuseirat Fire Incident The right to a nationality is a constitutional right that cannot be violated. Thereof, depriving any citizen of their right to obtain a Palestinian passport violates the provisions of the social contract (the Basic Law), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights...



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